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This Explosion Took Place in Syria’s Idlib, Not In Southern Lebanon

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  • 11-01

Shehab News Agency published Thursday, 31 October, a footage that shows plumes of smoke rising from the building, claiming th...

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Did Erdogan Say Drop of Petroleum is More Valuable than Drop of Blood in Syria?

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  • 11-04

Turkey Now news website has recently posted footage of Turkish President Recep Tayyeb Erdogan in an article titled, “A...

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Journalist Argues with Turkish Soldier in Syria.. Verify-Sy Clarifies the Truth

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  • 11-04

News outlets has posted a video, claiming that it shows a Syrian reporter arguing with a Turkish soldier in northeast Syria....

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This video is not of ISIS commander in Turkey threatening to fight the Kurds

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  • 11-05

Pro-SDF Facebook pages and websites shared recently a video of a bearded man delivering a speech in front of a crowd of peopl...

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This Photo Was Taken In Aleppo, It Doesn't Show Two Yemeni Brothers Meeting After Airstrike

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  • 11-09

Tweeters recently have circulated photographs of two children embracing each other’s, claiming that they show the momen...

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This Child Was Injured By Assad Bombing on Aleppo, Not By Israeli Bombing on Gaza

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  • 11-16

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of an injured child with a paramedic, claiming that the child was recently inju...

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Alleged Study on Syrian Refugees in Turkey Spreads Misinformation

  • 5291
  • 11-17

Abdullah Suleymanoglu Turkish social media profiles and pages have circulated a news story under different titles such as &l...

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Child in This Video Says Goodbye to His Late Brother in Syria’s Darayya, Not in Palestine

  • 3191
  • 11-17

Coinciding with the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a...

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This Video Doesn't Show Executing Civilians in “Rojava” by Turkish Army & Its Allies

  • 3922
  • 11-18

Facebook pages circulated footage that shows gunfire in a square of a building, reporting that it shows executions of civilia...

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Syrian Journalist Falsely Accused of “Leading Protests in Lebanon”

  • 4701
  • 11-19

Pro-Lebanese authority parties pages and accounts have circulated a photo of a woman known as leading the anti-authorities pr...

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This Photo Isn’t of Corpse of Man Whose Body Parts Were Stolen in Syria’s Ra’s al-Ayn

  • 4722
  • 11-23

Facebook pages and accounts have circulated a photo of a corpse that seemed to be opened then sewed. It has been claimed that...

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“Kurds Market”: Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Fabricates Market for Looted Good

  • 4930
  • 11-28

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also known as the Syrian Observatory, reported on November 15 that there is a market...

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A Syrian Writer Nominated for a Prize, But Not the Noble and He Is Not the First Arab Nominee

  • 3492
  • 12-01

Egyptian online newspaper Al-Dustour published last Friday Nov. 29th 2019, an article entitled: First ever Arab Nobel Prize N...

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Truth behind “Footage Shows Opposition Bombs Assad's Position in Idlib's countryside”

  • 2994
  • 12-02

SomeTelegram channels and Tweeters have recently circulated a video recording shows a truck carrying a rocket launcher, which...

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This Photo Isn’t of Motorcycle Explosion in North of Raqqa

  • 3043
  • 12-07

A photo of a burning motorcycle next to a burning vehicle was circulated on Friday by a number of pages and profiles on Faceb...

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This Cat Isn’t Victim of Russian, Assad Attacks on Idlib

  • 3876
  • 12-13

A photo of a cat who seems to be badly injured before they were stitched has gone viral on social media. It has been claimed...

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Manipulated Video Falsely Claims That “Syrian Mercenary Was Held Captive in Libya”

  • 4419
  • 01-02

A video of an interview with a man dressed in military uniform has surfaced on Facebook and Twitter. It has been claimed that...

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Syrian Sentenced to Life in Prison in Germany Isn’t Member of Assad’s Army

  • 3331
  • 01-14

Several news websites and Facebook pages claimed Tuesday that a German court had sentenced a soldier of the Assad forces to l...

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