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Did Russia leaked an insulting photo of Bashar al-Assad?

  • 6758
  • 03-09

News websites and social media pages shared a photo of Bashar al-Assad waiting for the Russian president Putin while he was s...

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This photo of flooded poultry farm is from Iran not Tartous in Syria

  • 5709
  • 03-29

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a flooded poultry farm with hundreds of dead chickens, the pa...

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Damascus Now shared photos of a protest in Hasakah as from Daraa

  • 4032
  • 04-03

Pro-regime “Damascus Now” Facebook page shared photos said to be exclusive photos of a protest in Daraa city agai...

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Contradicted statements between Turkey and USA after the meeting of the two foreign ministries

  • 4181
  • 04-04

US State Department published a statement saying: Secretary Mike Pompeo met the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Ç...

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Tweeters turning victims of Russian bombardment into victims of organ trafficking in Turkey

  • 3774
  • 04-26

The publishers of a video, which has been spreading recently on social media, said that it shows (Turkish men collecting or...

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Raqqa: Assad forces has not advanced, nor clashed with SDF

  • 3841
  • 04-28

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported, “The Syrian army managed to advance 3 kilometers on Friday in...

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Misinformation about al-Magara Cave Hospital in Hama countryside

  • 4501
  • 05-07

“Al-Magara Cave Hospital, which was established by the Turkish forces, in Kafr Zeta, Hama was put out of service due...

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Avoid sharing these photos if you have been following the news of the escalation in Hama and Idlib

  • 5558
  • 05-11

Assad regime military offensivte against Idlib and Hama countryside coincided with the spread of fake photos with misleadin...

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A tweeter claims that a building in Hama countryside is a “Shari’a court”

  • 5687
  • 05-14

A pro-Assad tweeter, @Partisangirl, posted a photo of 4 soldiers who seems cheerful in front of a building, which holds a b...

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The Commissioner of Police and National Security was not assassinated

  • 3769
  • 05-16

Social media users and pages reported the killing of AbdulRazzak Aslan, Commissioner of Police in Idlib countryside. It was...

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Did US and Turkish forces engage in Hama countryside battles?

  • 3940
  • 05-26

Pro-Assad regime social media pages posted a video of Suhail al-Hasan (nicknamed The Tiger), a Brigadier General in Assad arm...

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Please avoid spreading these videos if you are interested in Hama countryside battles

  • 3711
  • 06-08

Videos of a downed Assad regime fighter jet were circulated on social media; they show a fighter jet downing after being shot...

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This video is not of clashes between the opposition and Russians, it is a film clip

  • 3691
  • 06-11

A Facebook page, interested in military videos, posted a video claiming it is of “clashes between Russian forces and Sy...

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This video was taken in Kazakhstan, not in Syria

  • 4379
  • 06-25

Social media accounts circulated a video of soldiers fleeing a massive blast claiming that it hit the Russian Hmeimim Air Bas...

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Did Assad regime recently shoot down Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus?

  • 4253
  • 07-03

Social media accounts reported that Assad regime air defense shot down an Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus following Israe...

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Photo not of child punished for failing high school exam

  • 3031
  • 07-15

A photo that shows a child tied to a tree by a duct tape circulated on social media. It was said to be showing, “a boy...

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Did Ankara Municipality shut Syrian shops?

  • 2705
  • 07-23

İttihat Haber, a Turkish website, reported that all Syrian commercial and art businesses have been banned in Turkey’s c...

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Asian News International claims ISIS Present in Northern Syria

  • 2385
  • 07-24

Asian News International (ANI) has claimed that the Russian-backed Assad regime forces have been facing the Islamic State (IS...

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