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This video was taken in Iraq, not in Turkey

  • 6354
  • 07-07

Tweeters circulated a video of an unidentified person who seems to be shooting at children, claiming it is of Turks deliberat...

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Misrepresenting Video to Accuse Syrians of Sexual Assault

  • 6969
  • 07-14

A Turkish-language twitter account shared a brief clip of a larger Instagram video. It says that a woman was tracking down a...

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Photo not of child punished for failing high school exam

  • 6313
  • 07-15

A photo that shows a child tied to a tree by a duct tape circulated on social media. It was said to be showing, “a boy...

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These Two Young Men Aren't Syrians

  • 4406
  • 09-17

A Facebook page called "E'lanat Dimashq" (Damascus Advertisements) has posted a photo of two young men standing in a building...

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These Children Are Victims of Assad and Russia Bombardment, Not Victims of Turkish Army

  • 4096
  • 10-14

A news page posted Friday, October 11, a video in which two members of the White Helmets appear pulling out a child from unde...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Executing Kurdish Civilians by Turkey

  • 4450
  • 10-27

A tweeter, @Cihan_Efrin, posted a video that shows a group of men put naked women inside a truck, claiming that it is a rare...

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This Photo Was Taken In Aleppo, It Doesn't Show Two Yemeni Brothers Meeting After Airstrike

  • 3875
  • 11-09

Tweeters recently have circulated photographs of two children embracing each other’s, claiming that they show the momen...

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This Child Was Injured By Assad Bombing on Aleppo, Not By Israeli Bombing on Gaza

  • 3858
  • 11-16

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of an injured child with a paramedic, claiming that the child was recently inju...

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Child in This Video Says Goodbye to His Late Brother in Syria’s Darayya, Not in Palestine

  • 3106
  • 11-17

Coinciding with the Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a...

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This photo is not of Civilians Who Were Bombarded in Qah IDP Camp

  • 4149
  • 11-21

A number of social networks’ accounts circulated a photo of an old man and a little child, which was said to be of civi...

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