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Man in This Photo Isn’t Syrian

  • 3671
  • 02-02

A photo of a young man having lunch in an airplane has been circulated on social media. The man seems to be on his own on the...

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Faked Statement on Turkey’s Measures to halt Covid-19, Public Prosecutor Launches Investigation

  • 2612
  • 03-16

A Turkish-language statement claimed to be of new decisions issued by Turkey’s ministry of health’s decisions to...

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Did Saddam Hussein Talk about Coronavirus?

  • 6625
  • 03-18

Footage in which Saddam Hussein appears with Iraqi military officers have been circulated on social media with headlines and...

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Has Russia Unleashed Lions on Streets to Force Home Quarantine due to Coronavirus?

  • 5823
  • 03-23

Websites and social media pages have claimed on Monday March 22, 2020, that Russian authorities unleashed lions on the street...

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Fabricated Statement attributed to Le Pen: “We Won’t Admit Arab Officials to (Frane’s) Hospitals.”

  • 3463
  • 03-25

News websites and social media pages and users have recently circulated a statement attributed to a far-right french politici...

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Did Putin Wear a Hazmat Suit in Meeting with Russian Officials?

  • 8720
  • 03-27

Two photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing a yellow full-body hazmat suit, also known as a decontamination suit,...

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“Cannibals and Corona”: Satire News Goes Viral

  • 2498
  • 03-28

News websites and social media users published news titled, “14 Cannibals Die after Eating Chinese Engineer infected wi...

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Did Buckingham Palace Say Queen Elizabeth Tested Positive for Coronavirus?

  • 2714
  • 03-29

A number of social media pages have claimed Saturday that Buckingham Palace announced Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for...

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WHO Denies Rumours Promoted by Pro-Assad Media

  • 3425
  • 04-03

The World Health Organization (WHO) in Syria denied Thursday on its Twitter account false news that has been circulated on so...

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Footage Isn’t of “Russian Officer Who Killed Himself After Getting Infected with Coronavirus”

  • 3617
  • 04-11

A number of social media pages and profiles have circulated footage of a man carrying a knife on the street while two men dre...

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A 1985 Photo Was Claimed to be Related to Covid-19 Pandemic, It’s Gone Viral

  • 3073
  • 04-25

A photo of a woman embracing an infant has surfaced on Facebook and Twitter. It’s been claimed the mother tested positi...

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