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This photo nor in Idlib or Qamishli

  • 13203
  • 04-12

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a photo of two young girls covered in dust while crying.Some pages said...

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Misleading media reports coincided with military escalation in Idlib and Hama countryside

  • 7012
  • 05-10

As bombing intensifies in Idlib and Hama countryside during the last week, in addition to clashes between Assad forces and...

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Avoid sharing these photos if you have been following the news of the escalation in Hama and Idlib

  • 8529
  • 05-11

Assad regime military offensivte against Idlib and Hama countryside coincided with the spread of fake photos with misleadin...

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A tweeter claims that a building in Hama countryside is a “Shari’a court”

  • 8931
  • 05-14

A pro-Assad tweeter, @Partisangirl, posted a photo of 4 soldiers who seems cheerful in front of a building, which holds a b...

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The Commissioner of Police and National Security was not assassinated

  • 6473
  • 05-16

Social media users and pages reported the killing of AbdulRazzak Aslan, Commissioner of Police in Idlib countryside. It was...

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Please avoid spreading these videos if you are interested in Hama countryside battles

  • 6461
  • 06-08

Videos of a downed Assad regime fighter jet were circulated on social media; they show a fighter jet downing after being shot...

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This Child Originated in Sinjar in Idlib, He Was Not a Yazidi From Iraq

  • 7392
  • 06-13

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a child wearing a military uniform and holding a machine gun, claiming that he wa...

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This is not a photo of Maher al-Assad on Idlib and Hama countryside frontlines

  • 11937
  • 06-19

Social media pages circulated a photo claiming that it is of Maher al-Assad, younger brother of the Syrian regime presid...

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Atmeh Camp is not located in Afrin, and the factions do not charge rent to IDPs

  • 12176
  • 06-20

Tweeters claimed that Turkish-backed Syrian factions forces the internally displaced, who live in Atmeh Camp in Idlib country...

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This man is alive, his wife is the one who passed away

  • 7173
  • 06-26

An injured civilian had said goodbye to his daughter before he passed away, a Facebook page reported. The video shows a man c...

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Asian News International claims ISIS Present in Northern Syria

  • 5045
  • 07-24

Asian News International (ANI) has claimed that the Russian-backed Assad regime forces have been facing the Islamic State (IS...

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Did Trump make Mockery of Pleas of US Activist in Syria?

  • 10542
  • 07-26

A video that shows Rania Kisar, a US activist, and US President Donald Trump has circulated on social media. Kisar is an anti...

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This Man is Alive But His Brother Deceased

  • 5356
  • 08-06

Facebook users and pages have circulated a photo of a civilian from Idlib Governorate, claiming that he died of his woun...

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Truth Behind “Targeting Turkish Military Convoy in Idlib”

  • 4376
  • 08-19

Note: This report covers the events until the evening of August 19, 2019. News websites and social media pages reported that...

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Videos Unrelated to Recent Khan Shaykhun Battles

  • 4741
  • 08-20

A video, which has been claimed to show regime forces entering the city of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib’s countryside, circul...

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This Video Isn’t Of Targeting al-Rahma Hospital in Syria’s Tel Mannas Town, Hospital Destroyed

  • 4415
  • 08-21

Social media accounts have today circulated a video of an area being bombed, claiming that it shows Russian airstrikes on al-...

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This Photo Isn’t of Targeting Turkish Convoy in Syria’s Idlib, It Dates Back to Afghanistan 2010

  • 4348
  • 08-22

Social media pages have circulated a photo of burning trucks claiming that it shows a Turkish military convoy being targ...

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What Happened During Demonstrations near Syria-Turkey Border?

  • 4731
  • 08-31

Media outlets along with social media accounts and pages have circulated misinformation about demonstrations yesterday in Idl...

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