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Misleading photos and videos of "sabotaging ships off UAE coast"

  • 5293
  • 05-15

Photos and videos, which were claimed to be of 7 oil tankers burning near Fujairah port, were circulated on social media....

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Turkish websites attributes this video to Syrians

  • 8786
  • 06-11

Turkish media outlets posted a video claiming it shows a Syrian wedding in Gaziantep province in southern Turkey. One woma...

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Messi doppelgänger is angry about rape rumor

  • 6333
  • 06-28

Arabic media outlets claimed that Iranian authorities arrested Reza Parastesh, also known as Iranian Messi doppelgänger,...

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This Man isn’t Son of Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

  • 5123
  • 08-16

Social media accounts and pages have circulated a video of a man posing with young women, some of them wearing swimsuits. The...

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Did Iraqi Protesters Recently Set Iranian Consulate on Fire in Basra?

  • 2123
  • 10-07

Social media pages have circulated yesterday, October 6, a video of what they said to be Iraqi protesters breaking into the I...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Popular Protests in Iran

  • 1626
  • 11-19

Footage of what has been claimed to be showing recent popular protests in Iran has circulated on social media. The video sho...

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This Video Was Taken in Mexico, Not of Iranian Protester Runs Over Police Officers

  • 1459
  • 11-19

Social media websites circulated a video that shows a running over incident, claiming that it shows an Iranian man running ov...

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