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Are the victims in this assault Arabs?

  • 16756
  • 03-31

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately a video showing a woman trying to remove the headscarf of 2 women...

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Contradicted statements between Turkey and USA after the meeting of the two foreign ministries

  • 7282
  • 04-04

US State Department published a statement saying: Secretary Mike Pompeo met the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Ç...

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This is the building that raised Syrian revolution flag in Istanbul

  • 17916
  • 04-08

Social media news pages and personal account shared a photo lately of a big building with several flags including the Syrian...

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Did the mayor of Turkish city Bolu cut the UN aid for Syrian refugees in Turkey?

  • 15598
  • 04-09

Social media new pages and personal accounts shared news saying the new mayor of Turkish city of Bolu Tanco Ozcan ordered the...

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What is the truth behind the wall that is being built by Turkey to isolate Afrin?

  • 13233
  • 04-20

Pro-Assad regime and pro-PYD media outlets reported that the Turkish army is building a cement wall around Afrin city aiming...

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What is the reality behind "targeting a military vehicle in Marea"?

  • 6746
  • 04-26

Social media pages and accounts reported that members of Assad forces targeted an Euphrates Shield military vehicle on Wedn...

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Tweeters turning victims of Russian bombardment into victims of organ trafficking in Turkey

  • 6466
  • 04-26

The publishers of a video, which has been spreading recently on social media, said that it shows (Turkish men collecting or...

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Reports of mass bakeries closures in Turkey

  • 6287
  • 04-27

Social media pages recently reported a news about “the exacerbation of bakeries crisis in Turkey, the closure of more...

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False information coincides with the killing of Turkish soldiers in Syria and Turkey

  • 6521
  • 05-06

Social media pages reported that “Turkish Ministry of National Defence mourned on Saturday three soldiers who were ki...

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Misinformation about al-Magara Cave Hospital in Hama countryside

  • 7408
  • 05-07

“Al-Magara Cave Hospital, which was established by the Turkish forces, in Kafr Zeta, Hama was put out of service due...

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This video was taken in the Turkish city of Bursa, not in Afrin

  • 6727
  • 05-13

A video was circulated on social media, which shows Turkish-speaking individuals while they were extracting antiquities fro...

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The recently released Kurdish detainees are not members of the Kurdish National Council

  • 6365
  • 05-15

“Jarablus Security Committee has released 27 persons on Tuesday, most of whom originated in Kubani”, social med...

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The Commissioner of Police and National Security was not assassinated

  • 6500
  • 05-16

Social media users and pages reported the killing of AbdulRazzak Aslan, Commissioner of Police in Idlib countryside. It was...

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Aydınlık newspaper did not conduct an interview with Assad

  • 8030
  • 05-16

Aydınlık Turkish newspaper published statements allegedly made by Bashar Assad about Syria-Turkey relations; these statements...

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Misleading reports about the resignation of Borsa Istanbul chairperson

  • 6112
  • 05-22

Various media outlets reported that Borsa Istanbul chairperson has recently resigned.They claimed that “in the light of...

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Was the Turkish lira in freefall following Erdogan’s recent statement?

  • 6412
  • 06-15

Pro-PYD (People's Protection Units) media outlets reported that “the Turkish lira slumped 16% against the dollar becaus...

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Atmeh Camp is not located in Afrin, and the factions do not charge rent to IDPs

  • 12217
  • 06-20

Tweeters claimed that Turkish-backed Syrian factions forces the internally displaced, who live in Atmeh Camp in Idlib country...

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Does Turkey Prohibit Syrians From Compulsory Service?

  • 9140
  • 06-22

Pro-Assad social media pages has claimed that Ankara prohibits Syrian who acquired Turkish citizenship from compulsory s...

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