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Turkish Politician Posts Misleading Photo about Syrians, Deputy Interior Minister Responds

  • 7287
  • 08-05

Former Turkish MP Yusuf Halacoglu tweeted a photo that shows a gathering of persons and claimed that it shows Syrians waiting...

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Truth Behind “Syrians Protesting” in Turkey’s Hatay

  • 4324
  • 08-06

Turkish-language social media accounts posted a video of a gathering of persons, saying that it shows Syrians protesting in T...

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Father from Afrin danced at his daughter’s funeral? No, it is a doctored video

  • 6796
  • 08-10

Facebook pages circulated a video that shows a man dancing at a funeral ceremony. They have claimed that “a father from...

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Did Syrian National Army Murder Suspected Civilian in Azaz?

  • 3495
  • 08-14

Social media accounts have circulated news beating a suspected civilian to death, after he was suspected of Azaz explosi...

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Did Turkish Singer Refuse to Sing in Iraq unless Kurdistan Flag is Taken Down?

  • 4987
  • 08-15

Dozens of websites and social media pages circulated news in which they have claimed that Turkish well-known singer Koray Avc...

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Did Turkey's Gendarmerie Batter Syrian Refugee in Sanliurfa?

  • 4324
  • 08-19

Facebook page “ANT Kurdistan” has posted a video that shows members of Turkey’s Gendarmerie kicking a perso...

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This Photo Isn’t of Targeting Turkish Convoy in Syria’s Idlib, It Dates Back to Afghanistan 2010

  • 3876
  • 08-22

Social media pages have circulated a photo of burning trucks claiming that it shows a Turkish military convoy being targ...

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Fake Statement Attributed to U.S. about Syria's Manbij Administration

  • 4015
  • 08-25

Social media pages circulated a statement claiming that it was “issued by the U.S. operations leadership, after the US-...

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Truth Behind “Member of Assad Forces Who Took a Selfie in front of Turkish Observation Post Was Kil...

  • 6594
  • 08-26

A photo that shows a member of Assad forces standing in front of a Turkish military post in the city of Murek in Hama have ci...

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Did Istanbul Forbid Syrian Students from Settling their Residency Status?

  • 3623
  • 08-27

New Turk Post news outlet posted a statement, claiming that Governor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya issued it concerning the Syria...

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What Happened During Demonstrations near Syria-Turkey Border?

  • 4386
  • 08-31

Media outlets along with social media accounts and pages have circulated misinformation about demonstrations yesterday in Idl...

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Was Turkish Soldier killed by Afrin Liberation Forces?

  • 4980
  • 09-03

 Websites and social media pages have reported that a Turkish soldier was killed and others were injured last Sunday, Se...

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Is This Photo of Syrians Stomping on Turkish Flag?

  • 9364
  • 09-04

Turkish tweeters have recently circulated a photo of a number of persons stomping on the Turkish flag, holding signs written...

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Umit Ozdag Isn't Leader of Turkish Iyi Party

  • 3881
  • 09-12

Several news websites identified Turkish opposition politician Umit Ozdag as "the new president of the Turkish Good Party (Iy...

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Truth behind Map of Turkey That Includes Large Parts of Syria

  • 44630
  • 09-15

News outlets and social media accounts and pages have circulated an image from a Turkish-language book, which the map of mode...

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This video is not of an attack by the police on immigrants at the Turkish-Greek borderi

  • 3107
  • 09-19

Social media pages and accounts shared recently a video of a group of people being beaten, and said that for "the police atta...

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Fabricated Statements about Battles of Eastern Euphrates Attributed to Opposition Commander

  • 7180
  • 10-10

A twitter account attributed to Major Jameel al-Saleh posted a series of tweets calling on the Syrian opposition factions not...

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Disinformation Highlights since the Beginning of Turkish Military Operation East of Euphrates in No...

  • 10966
  • 10-10

News websites and social media accounts have circulated Wednesday a number of fabricated photos and fake news, after launchin...

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