Did Macron thank SDF because it helped France to prevent massacres?

  • 8769
  • 02-26

Pro-PYD\SDF news websites shared news saying French President Emmanuel Macron thanked Sy...

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American Journalist doubts Trump statement on Idlib population but is she right?

  • 8431
  • 02-18

The official website of the White House shared Trump remarks on the national security an...

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Russia Today published misleading translation of Erdogan statement

  • 10275
  • 02-14

Russia Today published news saying that Turkish president Erdogan said during a meeting...

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UN didn’t announce the death of 15 Syrian children in Rukban IDP camp only

  • 8346
  • 01-17

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news saying UNICEF said 15 children...

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Dubai government denies reports claiming Fly Dubai will resume flights to Damascus

  • 8350
  • 01-16

Arabic and Syrian media outlets shared news saying Fly Dubai airline resumed flights to...

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No official statement from Saudi government on reopening its embassy in Damascus

  • 9064
  • 01-14

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news saying Saudi Arabia intends to...

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A source from Zinki group denies dissolving the armed group

  • 12505
  • 01-05

Russia Today website cited what it called “local sources” and said Nour Eddi...

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Did Trump actually said USA went to Syria to help Assad in fighting ISIS?

  • 8434
  • 01-05

Social media news pages and websites shared news lately titled: Trump confess USA went t...

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An old statement by a Sudanese minister being shared lately as a new statement

  • 7797
  • 12-25

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a statement by Sudanese minister of...

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