An old statement by a Sudanese minister being shared lately as a new statement

  • 10426
  • 12-25

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a statement by Sudanese minister of...

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Clarification on the number of Syrian refugees in Iraq

  • 11323
  • 12-19

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Iraq Nechirvan Barzani said that the number of Syrian re...

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Turkey didn’t officially claim owning villages in north Syria

  • 19317
  • 09-14

Syrian social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately news saying “Tu...

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Chief Commander of Aleppo Free Police deny arresting HTS commander for “lewd behavior”

  • 20493
  • 07-12

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news claiming Free Police in Herita...

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Qatar Football Association denies signing Zidan to coach its national team

  • 22583
  • 06-01

Several Arab and Syrian websites shared lately news saying that the ex-Real Madrid coach...

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Assad regime Interior Ministry denies the minister’s statement to a Russian agency

  • 8629
  • 05-04

The interior ministry of the Assad regime has recently denied the statements attributed...

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The Fatwa Saying Hijab is only for the Prophet’s PBUH wives by the Saudi preacher Qasem al-Ghamedi is not new

  • 16460
  • 04-10

A Syrian news website shared a report saying “new changes in Saudi policy:the Hija...

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Al-Dyiar Newspaper Fabricate Statement by Jaysh al-Islam

  • 7404
  • 03-18

Lebanese Newspaper website al-Dyiar shared yesterday a news titled “Jaysh al-Islam...

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France has not stated that "evidence of Damascus' chemical use" is available

  • 13102
  • 03-09

Pro-opposition news pages and personal accounts on social media sites shared yesterday e...

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