Salih Maslem did not plead Turkey to stop Operation "Olive Branch"

  • 14821
  • 01-21

Syrian news website shared today news titled "Salih Maslem: America does not respon...

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Al-Sanadid forces didn't send fighters to Efrin

  • 13933
  • 01-20

  Pro-PYD social media pages shared news saying 130 fighters from Al-Sanadid for...

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Regime Tartous Education Directorate Didn’t Issue Solidarity Statement with Opposition Aleppo Education Directorate

  • 13861
  • 12-05

Social media news pages and personal account shared an alleged statement by Tartous educ...

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Syrian Coalition Didn’t Welcome Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham Arresting Qaeda Commanders

  • 11981
  • 11-29

Social media personal accounts shared a statement said by Syrian Coalition saying &ldquo...

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Assad regime didn’t ban religious gathering in public places

  • 15323
  • 11-22

Social media pages shared a photo of a new law by Assad regime government. The law ba...

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Al-Dyiar fabricate statement by Hamad bin Jasem to BBC and BBC comment

  • 46919
  • 11-03

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news of controversial statement quoted by ex-Qatari...

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FIFA didn’t announce opening an investigation in Syrian team game with Australia

  • 11633
  • 10-10

Pro-regime Syrian social media pages and personal accounts shared news today saying FIFA...

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model “Seba Khadour” denies an alleged statement on “Syrian national team”

  • 10892
  • 10-10

social media pages and personal accounts shared lately photos of a girl called “Se...

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Clarification about Erdogan’s comments on Russia participating in Idlib operation

  • 12753
  • 10-07

Pro-opposition Syrian activists deny quotes from Turkish president Erdogan saying Russia...

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