Syrian opposition government didn't choose minister of defence or cheif commander yet

  • 13375
  • 09-10

Syrian websites and social media pages shared news saying opposition government "in...

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This university trade-offs is not recognized by Syrian interim government

  • 4341
  • 08-28

Syrian news websites shared news saying Syrian Interim Government “High Education...

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Kinda Alloush deny being arrested with her husband

  • 5929
  • 08-19

Arabic and Egyptian news websites shared today news saying Egyptian police arrested Syri...

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Clarification on fake statement by Canadian Prime Minister

  • 7670
  • 08-18

Facebook page under the name “Canadian Embassy” shared a statement by Canadi...

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Nawaf al-Basheer didn’t threat “Usud al-Sharqyie” via Facebook

  • 8396
  • 08-18

Pro-opposition news website shared news of alleged threat by al-Baqara clans leader Nawa...

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Hijab didn’t resign from High Negotiations Committee

  • 5150
  • 08-10

Syrian social media pages and websites shared news saying Riad Hijab resigned from his p...

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who you work for!

  • 289
  • 08-03

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This photo from Syrian Badyie battle not from north Aleppo

  • 6028
  • 07-22

Pro-PYD twitter account shared a tweet of rocket launcher in a desert area while shootin...

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Turkey didn’t criminalize using “Kurdistan” and “Armenian genocide” terms

  • 6850
  • 07-13

Pro-PKK and its Syrian wing PYD social media pages shared news in English about Turkish...

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