Turkey didn’t criminalize using “Kurdistan” and “Armenian genocide” terms

  • 7316
  • 07-13

Pro-PKK and its Syrian wing PYD social media pages shared news in English about Turkish...

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AFP deny publishing news of ISIS announce Baghdadi death

  • 5155
  • 07-11

Arab and international TV channels and news agencies including “Russia Today&rdquo...

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Parliament deny rumors on changing Syrian IDs and withdrew citizenship

  • 12742
  • 07-10

Syrian pages on social media said regime parliament agreed on law to change the Syrian I...

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No casualties in Marea explosion

  • 4444
  • 07-04

Pro-PYD social media pages shared news that 14 armed opposition fighters were killed in...

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Turkey didn’t close Bab al-Salame border crossing

  • 7906
  • 07-01

Social media accounts and pages shared news saying Turkish authorities closed Bab al-Sal...

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ISIS still control majority of Raqqa

  • 6069
  • 06-13

Social media accounts and news pages shared on Monday news saying ISIS withdrew from Raq...

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One of refugees trapped between Algeria and Morocco deny claims Algeria accepted them until now

  • 9197
  • 06-04

Algerian Foreign ministry spokesperson Ben Ali Sharif on Thursday said its country decid...

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International Criminal Court deny accepting case from Syrian Coalition against Assad regime

  • 8242
  • 04-26

The head of the Legal Committee of the Syrian Coalition Haytham al-Maleh claimed yesterd...

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What’s the story of the Syrian refugees stuck between Morocco and Algeria?

  • 12100
  • 04-24

Arab and Syrian media outlets reporter several days ago news of dozens of Syrian refugee...

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