ISIS still control majority of Raqqa

  • 6941
  • 06-13

Social media accounts and news pages shared on Monday news saying ISIS withdrew from Raq...

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One of refugees trapped between Algeria and Morocco deny claims Algeria accepted them until now

  • 10165
  • 06-04

Algerian Foreign ministry spokesperson Ben Ali Sharif on Thursday said its country decid...

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International Criminal Court deny accepting case from Syrian Coalition against Assad regime

  • 9140
  • 04-26

The head of the Legal Committee of the Syrian Coalition Haytham al-Maleh claimed yesterd...

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What’s the story of the Syrian refugees stuck between Morocco and Algeria?

  • 13053
  • 04-24

Arab and Syrian media outlets reporter several days ago news of dozens of Syrian refugee...

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Evidences Debunked Russian Allegations About Chemical Weapons Massacre in Khan Shaykhoun

  • 20288
  • 04-05

Primary report by “Conflict Intelligence Team” a non-governmental NGO focusi...

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A clarification on the alleged “reconciliation” in Aleppo northern villages

  • 9833
  • 02-10

Pro-Assad news agencies have circulated on social media, yesterday, a visual report enti...

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Sudan embassy in Ankara to Verify-sy: Syrians don’t need a Visa for Sudan

  • 14784
  • 02-01

Recently, people circulated on social media a news item saying that the Republic of Suda...

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Issam Zaytoun: “I Did Not Claim Representing FSA”

  • 10898
  • 06-19

Issam Zaytoun who has been so known recently as “FSA Southern Front Foreign Affa...

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Fabricated Statement Attributed to Jaysh Al-Islam

  • 7644
  • 06-17

Activists and news pages on social media published today a statement attributed to &ldqu...

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