Was the Turkish lira in freefall following Erdogan’s recent statement?

  • 1000
  • 06-15

Pro-PYD (People's Protection Units) media outlets reported that “the Turkish lira...

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This Child Originated in Sinjar in Idlib, He Was Not a Yazidi From Iraq

  • 1604
  • 06-13

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a child wearing a military uniform and holdi...

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Assad forces defector captain Ammar al-Wawi denies being arrested in Germany

  • 1629
  • 06-09

Assad forces defector captain Ammar al-Wawi denied being arrested by Assad forces, in re...

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Claims of immediate deportation of pro-Assad refugees in Germany turned out to be untrue

  • 1782
  • 06-08

News on the intention of the German government to deport pro-Assad regime refugees ...

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Assad State Media Distort an Israeli Channel 12 Report to Discredit the White Helmets

  • 1783
  • 06-06

Pro-Assad media outlets reported on an investigative news story broadcasted by Israeli C...

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This video was not taken during the recent clashes in Kafr Nabudah

  • 1008
  • 05-30

As the clashes continues in Hama province, activists posted a video on social media clai...

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A commander in Jaysh al-Izza denies capturing officers or Russian soldiers in the recent battles

  • 1140
  • 05-28

Sources at opposition factions denied the news of “capturing officers in Assad arm...

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Are Syrians behind the rise in road accidents in Lebanon?

  • 989
  • 05-27

Media outlets posted an An-Nahar (a Lebanese newspaper) report that accuses Syrians of b...

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Did US and Turkish forces engage in Hama countryside battles?

  • 1341
  • 05-26

Pro-Assad regime social media pages posted a video of Suhail al-Hasan (nicknamed The Tig...

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