Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Accused of Murdering Man, He Actually Died in Car Accident

  • 511
  • 09-21

Jesr Press newspaper reported on Wednesday that members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) mu...

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Were Two Officers of Assad Forces Recently Killed in Khan Shaykhoun ?

  • 911
  • 09-18

Social media profiles and pages circulated news on killing ten members of the Assad regi...

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These Two Young Men Aren't Syrians

  • 924
  • 09-17

A Facebook page called "E'lanat Dimashq" (Damascus Advertisements) has posted a photo of...

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“Verify” Reporter Investigates News on Abductions and Organ Theft in Raqqa Countryside

  • 2380
  • 09-16

Syrian news outlets and social media pages have recently circulated a news about abducti...

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Truth behind Map of Turkey That Includes Large Parts of Syria

  • 34008
  • 09-15

News outlets and social media accounts and pages have circulated an image from a Turkish...

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Truth behind "Russian-Supported Rami Makhlouf Coup against Assad"

  • 9047
  • 09-12

News websites and social media profiles and pages have recently circulated rumours on de...

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Disinformation: WDRVM Company Installs First Wind Turbine in Syria and ME

  • 1895
  • 09-06

Pro-Assad regime social media pages have recently claimed that the first wind energy con...

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Is This Photo of Syrians Stomping on Turkish Flag?

  • 6364
  • 09-04

Turkish tweeters have recently circulated a photo of a number of persons stomping on the...

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Was Turkish Soldier killed by Afrin Liberation Forces?

  • 1468
  • 09-03

 Websites and social media pages have reported that a Turkish soldier was killed an...

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