Best of Banknotes website denies rating Syrian banknotes among the most beautiful in the world

  • 1836
  • 05-24

Pro-regime social media pages claimed that Best of Banknotes website has rated two old S...

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Misleading reports about the resignation of Borsa Istanbul chairperson

  • 1218
  • 05-22

Various media outlets reported that Borsa Istanbul chairperson has recently resigned.The...

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Did Cristiano Ronaldo donate €1.5 million to feed Palestinians in Gaza for Iftar?

  • 6194
  • 05-21

Media outlets reported that the Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has donated 1.5...

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These persons were not killed due to the latest clashes between Assad forces and opposition

  • 1326
  • 05-20

Social media accounts and pages posted photos of persons claiming that they were killed...

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The Commissioner of Police and National Security was not assassinated

  • 1298
  • 05-16

Social media users and pages reported the killing of AbdulRazzak Aslan, Commissioner o...

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The recently released Kurdish detainees are not members of the Kurdish National Council

  • 1374
  • 05-15

“Jarablus Security Committee has released 27 persons on Tuesday, most of whom or...

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Misinformation about al-Magara Cave Hospital in Hama countryside

  • 1869
  • 05-07

“Al-Magara Cave Hospital, which was established by the Turkish forces, in Kafr Z...

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False information coincides with the killing of Turkish soldiers in Syria and Turkey

  • 1757
  • 05-06

Social media pages reported that “Turkish Ministry of National Defence mourned o...

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Do US troops hold civilians at Rukban camp?

  • 1527
  • 05-03

On 30 April, pro-Assad Al-Thawra newspaper published a report entitled “Washingt...

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