Claims on Euphrates Shield groups supporting Ahrar al-Sham are false

  • 6909
  • 07-19

On Wednesday, al-Ithad Press website shared news with the following headline “Euph...

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No casualties in clashes around Marea today

  • 5909
  • 07-19

Manbij al-Hadath and pro-PYD social media pages said fierce clashes erupted around Marea...

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No Turkish casualties in Ayn Daqna battle

  • 6993
  • 07-18

Pro-PYD social media accounts and pages said at least 5 Turkish soldiers were killed in...

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Those tanks were destroyed by ISIS not YPG

  • 13667
  • 07-16

Pro-PYD social media pages shared a video of several armored vehicles in plain area befo...

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This photo is not in Salamyie

  • 16926
  • 07-16

Pro-regime Facebook page “al-Watan News Network” and other pages shared phot...

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This girl is alive and with her family

  • 10596
  • 07-10

On Sunday, social media accounts shared photos of a girl and said she’s 13 years o...

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Turkish army didn't destroy Hayyet Tahrir al-Sham tank on Friday

  • 4224
  • 07-07

Several social media pages said Turkish army destroyed HTS tank in Darkoush area in Idli...

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This photo is not from Hama explosion today

  • 5914
  • 07-06

Pro-regime news pages and accounts on social media shared today photos of damaged cars a...

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No one protested in Azaz demanding SDF to enter

  • 12146
  • 07-02

Pro-PYD news pages said protesters in Azaz in north Aleppo demanded “their areas t...

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