Bald men will not be able to turn the sun into energy

  • 2087
  • 07-11

Arabic news outlets and social media pages reported that bald men will be able to turn t...

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Syrian Dissident Actor Denies Rumors about His Stance on Assad

  • 5096
  • 07-09

Social media accounts have attributed a statement to Jamal Suliman, a famous Syrian acto...

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Abduljabbar al-Akedi denies making statements on Syrian youths in Turkey

  • 2319
  • 07-06

Social media accounts have circulated alleged statements by Colonel Abduljabbar al-Akedi...

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Turkey has not asked Syrian opposition coalition to inform it about pro-Assad Syrians in order to deport them

  • 4060
  • 07-05

The National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (SNC) denied rumor...

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Did Assad regime recently shoot down Israeli aircraft flying over Cyprus?

  • 2891
  • 07-03

Social media accounts reported that Assad regime air defense shot down an Israeli aircra...

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This is not Turkish bombing of Assad forces in Hama’s countryside

  • 2281
  • 06-28

Social media accounts circulated a photo claiming that it is of Turkish bombing of Assad...

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False news on traffic collision killing 28 Syrians in Turkey

  • 3754
  • 06-28

News on two-traffic collision killing and injuring Syrians in Turkey have been circulate...

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Messi doppelgänger is angry about rape rumor

  • 2535
  • 06-28

Arabic media outlets claimed that Iranian authorities arrested Reza Parastesh, also know...

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Did the ‘halal’ nightclub in KSA explode?

  • 37797
  • 06-27

Social media accounts circulated a video claiming that it is of a blast hitting the hala...

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