False information coincides with the killing of Turkish soldiers in Syria and Turkey

  • 2803
  • 05-06

Social media pages reported that “Turkish Ministry of National Defence mourned o...

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Do US troops hold civilians at Rukban camp?

  • 2632
  • 05-03

On 30 April, pro-Assad Al-Thawra newspaper published a report entitled “Washingt...

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Raqqa: Assad forces has not advanced, nor clashed with SDF

  • 2667
  • 04-28

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” reported, “The Syrian army managed...

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What is the truth behind the killing of anti-SDF demonstrators in Deir al-Zour countryside?

  • 2505
  • 04-27

Media outlets reported that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) killed 3 civilians by live...

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Reports of mass bakeries closures in Turkey

  • 2565
  • 04-27

Social media pages recently reported a news about “the exacerbation of bakeries...

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Tweeters turning victims of Russian bombardment into victims of organ trafficking in Turkey

  • 2480
  • 04-26

The publishers of a video, which has been spreading recently on social media, said tha...

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Sexual assault on a child in Istanbul and social media pages accuses a Syrian man of the crime

  • 3953
  • 04-25

Arabic-speaking social media accounts and pages posted a video that seems like a night p...

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What is the truth behind Natalia Vladimirovna assuming the position of Tartus Port Director?

  • 3986
  • 04-23

Various social media pages circulated a photo of Natalia Vladimirovna, a Deputy of the S...

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Is the Turkish flag the national flag in the school curriculum in Afrin?

  • 6021
  • 04-19

News and social media outlets, such as pro-PYD Ronahî TV, recently reported that t...

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