The student who said “Ataturk is not a God” is Turkish not Syrian

  • 4545
  • 11-13

Al-Dorar al-Shamyie news website shared today news titled “Syrian student facing p...

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Iraqi Parliament Member denied marrying Syrian Singer Sarya al-Sawwas

  • 3917
  • 11-11

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared news lately saying Syrian singer Sa...

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Syrian guy who defended Ghina Abu Saleh didn’t die

  • 4112
  • 11-09

Social media news pages and personal accounts said the young Syrian Ahmad Ghazi who was...

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US Embassy in Damascus publishes fake information on a stadium in Raqqa in its counter-ISIS propaganda

  • 2864
  • 10-27

US Embassy in Damascus official account shared a post two days ago promoting peace and s...

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Clarification about changing the name of Bassel al-Assad International Airport on Google Maps

  • 6663
  • 10-19

Social media news groups and websites shared videos and photos about changing the name o...

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Saudi newspaper Sabaq didn’t publish news about dismissing the Saudi Consul in Istanbul

  • 4867
  • 10-17

Arabic and global news agencies and websites shared news today and cited Saudi newspaper...

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What’s the truth behind Berry clan clashing with Fua’a militias?

  • 6914
  • 10-16

Social media news pages, news websites and TV channels shared lately news of fierce clas...

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News claiming Jamal Khashoggi’s brother and his wife were killed in Saudi Arabia is fake

  • 24147
  • 10-11

Lebanese Addyiar website shared news titled “Khashoggi’s brother and his wif...

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Pregnant Syrian woman delivering her baby in front of a hospital in Lebanon happened in 2017 not recently

  • 14799
  • 10-10

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared photos showing a pregnant woman lyi...

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