News claiming Jamal Khashoggi’s brother and his wife were killed in Saudi Arabia is fake

  • 24268
  • 10-11

Lebanese Addyiar website shared news titled “Khashoggi’s brother and his wif...

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Pregnant Syrian woman delivering her baby in front of a hospital in Lebanon happened in 2017 not recently

  • 14875
  • 10-10

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared photos showing a pregnant woman lyi...

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Pro-Regime Websites fabricate a fight in Nizip city in Turkey

  • 4212
  • 10-09

Pro-regime websites shared news lately titled “Syrians in Turkey; where to go?&rdq...

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Jordan deny opening Nasib border crossing with Syria

  • 6831
  • 09-29

On Saturday, Syrian regime announced it will reopen Nasib border crossing between Syria...

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The Syrian Ambassador who met Qatari Foreign Ministry lately doesn’t represent Assad regime

  • 14855
  • 09-11

Pro-regime websites shared lately news titled”for the first time…. Qatari F...

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Turkish BIM supermarkets denies being fined for raising prices

  • 13469
  • 09-10

Syrian social media pages shared lately news saying Turkish government fined BIM superma...

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information on refugees issued by a Russian center shared by RT claiming it was published by UN

  • 16189
  • 09-07

Russia Today website posted today a report titled "1.7m Syrian refugees want to go...

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This Dutch YPG fighter was killed 6 months ago not recently

  • 4024
  • 08-19

Social media activists said a foreign “People’s Protection Units YPG”...

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Did Syria Civil Defense open an office in PYD-held areas?

  • 4076
  • 08-12

Pro-Assad social media pages shared news saying “Syria Civil Defence known as Whit...

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