Clarification about “Souria” vessel which crossed Bosphorus lately

  • 5544
  • 08-04

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news saying a Syrian vessel crossed Bosphorus for t...

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Human rights organization published wrong information on Hasakah martyrs who were killed under torture

  • 5255
  • 08-03

Syrians for Justice and Truth published on Thursday a report under the title “diff...

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Amnesty official account publishes fake news on Efrin

  • 8029
  • 08-02

Amnesty International published today a report titled “Syria: Turkey must stop ser...

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No Syrian was related to the attack on a pharmacy in Turkish city of Mersin

  • 5420
  • 07-02

Turkish news channel NTV published a video report titled “a group of Syrian men at...

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Russia Today Published falsified information on Daraa countryside

  • 9842
  • 07-02

Russia Today news channel published today on its official Arabic Twitter account several...

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The truth behind cancelling Argentina and Israel match and Messi's rule in it

  • 34092
  • 06-06

Syrian and Arab news websites shared news that the friendly match between Argentina and...

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News claiming a Syrian guy was arrested and found weapons and bombs in his possession during Jordan protests are fake

  • 5684
  • 06-04

Social media news pages from Jordan and Syria shared news claiming that Jordanian police...

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The brothers of the “boy groom” in Hasakah were killed by US-led coalition not ISIS

  • 7071
  • 05-25

ArabicPost website shared a video titled “he is 12 years old boy and she is 30 yea...

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This ISIS commander was killed 3 years ago not recently

  • 7870
  • 05-22

Social media pages and news websites shared news saying anti-ISIS coalition arrested the...

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