Misleading and fake videos recently shared said to be on New Zealand terror attack

  • 3202
  • 03-24

9 days after the terror attack on 2 mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand which killed...

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Did Paris named a street after Syrian late actress Fadwa Suleiman?

  • 8074
  • 03-18

Syrian news websites and social media accounts shared news saying Paris Municipality nam...

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False rumors on New Zealand terror attack, were there Syrians among the victims?

  • 6140
  • 03-15

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today several videos and photos all...

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Sputnik claims ISIS presence in al-Ghab Plain

  • 3071
  • 03-10

Russian news agency Sputnik published 2 days ago news saying “Syrian army destroye...

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Did PUBG video game caused the death of a teenager in Idlib countryside?

  • 5387
  • 02-09

Social media pages and news sites shared news saying a teenage from Salqeen in Idlib wes...

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Did Iraq criminalized praising Saddam Hussain?

  • 3476
  • 02-02

  Social media accounts and news websites shared news saying Iraq issued a law c...

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Assad forces didn't enter Manbij city yet

  • 4166
  • 12-28

Assad regime ministry of defence issued a statement saying units of the army entered Man...

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This video is not of opening of a restaurant owned by an ex-FSA commander

  • 4133
  • 12-23

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a 6 minutes video of a party with d...

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The Emirati passport is not the highest ranking in the world

  • 7157
  • 12-02

News websites and channels shared news saying the UAE passport achieved an unprecedented...

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