Aydınlık newspaper did not conduct an interview with Assad

  • 3465
  • 05-16

Aydınlık Turkish newspaper published statements allegedly made by Bashar Assad about Syr...

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Misleading translation of Yildirim makes him an enemy of the Syrians in Turkey

  • 10057
  • 03-28

Arabic news websites and social media pages shared today a translation of the ex-Prime M...

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Did this wife of ISIS member said her husband is a Turkish army officer?

  • 4783
  • 02-09

Hawar news agency shared today news saying a wife of ISIS member revealed that her husba...

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The man assaulted in this video is not Syrian

  • 4671
  • 02-04

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video showing a man, who speaks T...

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Did Azmi Beshara said he wants to annex Lebanon and Syria to Israel in this video?

  • 5117
  • 01-28

Social media pages and accounts shared a video seems to be from a documentary showing Pa...

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Wrong translation of what this French protestor said

  • 7406
  • 12-09

Social media pages and news websites shared news titled "French policewoman cries a...

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A Turkish Channel Translator Fabricated a Man’s Testimony in Efrin to be Against YPG fighters

  • 13511
  • 03-29

Turkish channel Haber Turk published an interview by its reporter in Efrin during distri...

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This video is not a quarrel between Turkish soldiers about the battle of Afrin

  • 10183
  • 01-31

Pro-Democratic Union Party-PYD social media news pages posted today a story titled "...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t kicked out of a hotel in USA

  • 55112
  • 08-25

A photo of the famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger laying on the ground next to...

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