This video is not a quarrel between Turkish soldiers about the battle of Afrin

  • 15325
  • 01-31

Pro-Democratic Union Party-PYD social media news pages posted today a story titled "...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t kicked out of a hotel in USA

  • 58499
  • 08-25

A photo of the famous American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger laying on the ground next to...

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Translation in this video is not correct

  • 7233
  • 08-03

Activists on social media shared a video showing the moment when a Russian reporter was...

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ANNA’s Video Report Gets Untrue Subtitle

  • 23596
  • 08-03

A video report has spread out on social media pages shows an ANNA news’ correspond...

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RT Misquotes a Guardian's Report

  • 10142
  • 05-09

RT news channel website has published parts of a report by The Guardian titled “...

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