This photo is not of a Russian officer killed in Syria

  • 2181
  • 08-13

 If your time is short  Social media news pages and personal accounts posted...

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Was This Anti-Assad Banner Hung in Syria’s Jableh?

  • 6390
  • 05-30

News websites and social media users have recently circulated a photo of a footbridge ov...

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This Photo Isn’t of Assad’s Cousin Hafez Makhlouf

  • 6150
  • 05-27

Amid the crisis between Assad and his cousin Rami Makhlouf, Verify-Sy received a request...

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A 1985 Photo Was Claimed to be Related to Covid-19 Pandemic, It’s Gone Viral

  • 6055
  • 04-25

A photo of a woman embracing an infant has surfaced on Facebook and Twitter. It’s...

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Did France Forcibly Discharge Naturalized French Patients from Hospitals to Admit Citizens of French Descent?

  • 5338
  • 04-17

Activists on social media have recently circulated news that France had forced French ci...

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This Photo Isn’t of Family Evicted from its Home in Damascus

  • 5600
  • 04-10

News pages and profiles on social media have recently circulated a photo of six people,...

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Did Putin Wear a Hazmat Suit in Meeting with Russian Officials?

  • 12870
  • 03-27

Two photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin wearing a yellow full-body hazmat suit, a...

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Truth behind Wrecked Drone that Has Erdogan’s Signature

  • 7752
  • 03-05

A photo of a drone wreck, which has Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’...

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These Russian Soldiers Weren’t Recently Killed in Idlib

  • 7138
  • 02-29

An image which contains 17 portraits of Russian soldiers has gone viral on social media....

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