These photos are not from besieged Aqierbat

  • 4690
  • 08-23

Social media pages and personal accounts shared photos showing killed children and displ...

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These photos are not for victims of Ghouta chemical weapons massacre

  • 8702
  • 08-21

On 21 August the anniversary of massacre committed by Assad regime against civilians in...

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Those photos from the Black Prison not Saydnaya prison

  • 9474
  • 08-15

Activists on Twitter shared photos of men laying in a crowded small place similar to a p...

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This murder happened in 2014

  • 4594
  • 08-13

Social media Syrian pages and accounts shared a photo of a child dead body in a dumpster...

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This photo is in Sarmin not Iraq

  • 5683
  • 08-13

Iraqi news pages shared today photo of several dead bodies and around them men trying to...

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Clarification on Mihrac Ural photo with Abdullah Ocalan

  • 25530
  • 08-11

Lately a photo of Assad regime-affiliated “Syrian Resistance” militia leader...

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This protest in Azaz not in Efrin

  • 5022
  • 08-05

Social media pages shared photos showing hundreds of people in a protest raising banners...

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This is not Brazil prime minister

  • 4970
  • 07-28

Syrian pages and personal accounts on social media shared a photo of a woman wearing a s...

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This photo is not “Ahel al-Dyiar” casualties after today clashes with SDF

  • 7415
  • 07-17

On Monday,  page “Sada Efrin” published photos showing bodies of men so...

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