ISIS shot down this helicopter not PKK

  • 7422
  • 06-11

Social media news pages and pro-PKK activists shared a video showing helicopter crush in...

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This photo is from Ayn al-Arab not Daraa

  • 7309
  • 06-07

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today a photo of huge smoke rise in...

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Clarification about the person of this photo and the IRGC dead commander with the same name

  • 6988
  • 06-04

Social media accounts and pages shared photo of a man wearing a suit and behind him Iran...

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This photo is not for the French president and his wife

  • 8719
  • 06-03

Verfiy-Sy received a photo of a kid cycling near a woman,photo was shared on social medi...

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Did Manchester United players wear a shirt with Assad regime flag or Yemen flag?

  • 17860
  • 05-20

News pages and personal accounts on social media posted lately picture showing Mancheste...

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The “Shaggy hair” person in this photo is regime fighter

  • 19232
  • 05-17

News pages and personal accounts on social media shared photo of regime brigadier Genera...

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These old photos are not for the US - YPG support weapons

  • 9542
  • 05-11

News agencies and other personal accounts circulated on social media, yesterday, some ph...

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this picture is not real

  • 20449
  • 04-04

Verify-sy offers deep condolences to the families of the fallen ones in the horrible mas...

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The photo is not for the person who carried out the suicide attack today in Izaz, Aleppo countryside

  • 7684
  • 01-07

Activists have circulated a photo today on social media showing a masked person sitting...

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