On Photos Claimed They are from Daria

  • 16291
  • 08-26

Social media outlets shared today photos claimed that they have been shot in Daria town...

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The photos taken in Soruj not in Jarablus

  • 10988
  • 08-25

Journalists and social media outlets shared today photographs show Turkish soldiers offe...

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The Combatant Who Cut off the Liwa al-Quds Militia's Combatant is Not in the Photo

  • 20521
  • 08-19

Pro-Assad social media activists shared a photo on today of a group of combatants with t...

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Project 1070 is Still in the Opposition's Hand

  • 11859
  • 08-16

Syrian Regime affiliated social media news sites peprted the Regime gaind back control o...

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This Photograph not from Air-force Technical School

  • 8028
  • 08-08

Activists and social media platforms published yesterday a photograph for two militants...

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Activists Publish Unreal Picture for Downed Russian War Chopper’s Crew

  • 15475
  • 08-02

Activists published yesterday on social media a woman’s driving license said the w...

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Private Farm Turns into “Baghdadi Palace” According to SDF

  • 11617
  • 06-23

News websites said today that YPG found the Baghdadi’s abandoned palace in Minbij...

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The Photograph taken in Gaza

  • 16884
  • 06-20

Social media activists published a photograph today about Russian bombardment on Haritan...

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Photograph Not From Syria

  • 10323
  • 06-15

Activists have published on social media a photograph represents a man and a woman holds...

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