These Photos Aren’t Related to Recent Storms in Australia

  • 2141
  • 01-24

A Facebook page called “E’lanak Fi Turkia” (Your Ads in Turkey) posted...

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This Photo Isn’t of Syrian Died Alone in Europe

  • 4478
  • 01-20

A photo of a Muslim cleric praying the funeral prayer alone was circulated on social med...

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Russia’s Embassy in Syria Fabricates Photo to Propagandize “Safe Corridors”

  • 4091
  • 01-13

The Russian embassy in Syria has tweeted Sunday a report that includes a brief from &ldq...

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This Man Isn't the Victim Killed by Husband of Lebanese Singer Nancy Ajram

  • 11118
  • 01-08

Two photos, the first of Lebanese pop star Nancy Ajram with another man, and the other o...

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This Photo Was Taken by Syrian Photographer, not British One

  • 13155
  • 08-18

Websites and social media pages have recently posted a photo of a blonde child who seeme...

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Did Syrians Organize Protest against Recent Decisions by Istanbul Governor’s Office?

  • 7162
  • 07-29

Turkish news sites claimed that dozens of Syrians joined a protest organized by the Syri...

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This photo was taken in Kirkuk in Iraq, not in Syria

  • 8828
  • 06-20

Social media pages and personal accounts posted a photo of sheep that died of poisoning...

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Photos of civilian victims were claimed to be of opposition combatants

  • 10087
  • 06-18

Pro-Assad regime Facebook pages posted photos claiming that they are of opposition...

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This airport is located in Saudi Arabia, not in Dubai nor Palestine

  • 10975
  • 05-02

This photo has recently circulated social media; it shows the cockpit of an airplane i...

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