Turkish Official Denies Nationality-Based Pastry Price Discrimination in Kocaeli

  • 4824
  • 07-26

A photo of a price list hanging on the front of a bakery in the Turkish city of Izm...

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Syrians in Turkey Demand Repatriation of Afghani Refugees, Really?!!

  • 4600
  • 07-23

Social networks accounts shared a photograph of individuals raising some signs written i...

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Photo not of child punished for failing high school exam

  • 5065
  • 07-15

A photo that shows a child tied to a tree by a duct tape circulated on social media. It...

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Old photo of Assad Army Officer Not Related to Recent Battles of Hama

  • 6786
  • 07-11

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of Suhail al-Hassan, the founder and comma...

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This photo was taken in Kirkuk in Iraq, not in Syria

  • 6699
  • 06-20

Social media pages and personal accounts posted a photo of sheep that died of poisoning...

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This is not a photo of Maher al-Assad on Idlib and Hama countryside frontlines

  • 10092
  • 06-19

Social media pages circulated a photo claiming that it is of Maher al-Assad, younge...

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Photos of civilian victims were claimed to be of opposition combatants

  • 7678
  • 06-18

Pro-Assad regime Facebook pages posted photos claiming that they are of opposition...

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This photo was not taken in an Arab state; it was taken in the US

  • 10705
  • 06-16

Social media users circulated this photo claiming that it shows cars melting due to a he...

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This is an old photo and it is not of a suicide of Assad forces

  • 5793
  • 06-12

Social media accounts circulated a photo of a young man hanging from a tree. They claime...

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