This tunnel is in Palestine not in Eastern Ghouta

  • 17895
  • 04-17

Iranian website al-Aalam shared lately a report titled interesting details on tunnels in...

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Acting scenes used by social media pages to smear "White Helmets"

  • 6478
  • 04-15

Social media pages and personal accounts shared lately posts in German language accused...

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These Missiles are Russian, not American

  • 5897
  • 04-15

A member of Bashar al-Assad's parliament, known as "Fares al-Shihabi", sha...

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The image of the blood-stained Koran is not from Syria

  • 4883
  • 03-14

Turkish news websites and personal accounts posted on social media websites yesterday, a...

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A French Party Using a Photo from Eastern Ghouta as from Efrin to Call for Solidarity with Efrin

  • 7372
  • 03-11

French Communist Party published yesterday on its official website a statement titled &l...

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This photo is not for dead “Olive Branch” operation fighters

  • 8221
  • 02-21

Social media pages and personal accounts shared a photo lately of dead bodies on a pick-...

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Kurdish journalist uses fake photographs to embarrass Yildirim at a press conference

  • 6497
  • 02-16

A video recording broadcasted by several Arab and foreign television channels showed a p...

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This photo is taken from a children's play in the Ghouta of Damascus

  • 6909
  • 02-11

Syrian social media news pages and Russian personal accounts have recently been shared a...

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This photo is not of 2 captured FSA fighters in Efrin

  • 10550
  • 01-28

Pro-PYD social media news pages and accounts shared a photo of two men with long hair an...

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