Does this video show Assad heading to his work at the presidential palace in the morning of the triple strike?

  • 47543
  • 04-14

Presidency of the Syrian Arab Republic shared via its identifiers on social media websit...

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This recording is from Riyadh and not a targeting of a Tomahawk missile in the skies of Syria

  • 8143
  • 04-14

Iran's Fars News Agency today posted a video recording showing the moment when a bal...

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Assad supporters use an acting scene to question the regimes' use of chemical weapons

  • 7798
  • 04-10

Pro-Assad regime personal accounts and social media news pages shared today, a video rec...

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This recording is not of "Turks" attacking a civilian in Afrin

  • 5460
  • 03-18

Activists shared on social media sites today a video recording showing three armed men i...

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This Video is not of the Russian Airplane Crashed in Hemimim Airbase Today

  • 8733
  • 03-06

Social media pages and personal accounts shared a video showing the moment an airplane c...

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This vehicle was destroyed in Saudi Arabia, not in Afrin

  • 8468
  • 02-26

Pro-PYD social media news pages and personal accounts shared a recording video showing t...

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This recording has nothing to do with the death of Russian soldiers in a US raid on Deir al-Zour

  • 11703
  • 02-17

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today, a video recording showing de...

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An old video recording of an execution that is being shared recently claiming it is in Afrin

  • 8757
  • 02-14

A video posted on social media websites showing Turkish-speaking armed men wearing unifo...

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This video claimed to be bombing a military convoy is not real

  • 7333
  • 02-11

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video yesterday showing clips tak...

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