This video is not from Ayn al-Arab "Kobane"

  • 7780
  • 07-28

Pro-PKK and its Syrian wing PYD shared video showing destroying tanks and said it's...

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This photo is edited not real

  • 9809
  • 07-07

Social media activist shared today photo of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri with...

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Those pictures are not an American helicopter moving armored vehicles to Efrin

  • 7704
  • 07-03

Social media pages shared pictures showing military helicopter moving an armoires vehicl...

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Those videos are not for Russian forces withdrawing from Efrin

  • 6788
  • 07-01

On Friday, social media pages shared video report with Turkish commentary saying Russian...

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This footage is from Aleppo not Mosul

  • 7564
  • 06-30

Social media accounts and pages shared aerial footage showing destroyed buildings and cl...

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The man in this video didn’t protested Bin Selman

  • 9922
  • 06-22

News websites, TV channels and social media pages shared yesterday a video of ceremony o...

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Why you should verify

  • 1513
  • 06-10

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This video is not for confiscating Qatari products

  • 11154
  • 06-09

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared yesterday video showing a mass crow...

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Al-Jazeera didn’t cut Qatar Emir speech

  • 19598
  • 06-07

News channels and websites shared news claiming Qatari news channel al-Jazeera cut Qatar...

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