This video is not in Raqqa

  • 7147
  • 06-05

Social media accounts and pages shared a video showing US helicopter over a vehicle whil...

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The pigeon didn’t saluting Putin!

  • 35930
  • 06-02

Social media accounts and pages shared video showing Russian president Vladimir Putin wi...

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The person who was assaulted in this video is not a Lebanese minister

  • 7340
  • 05-21

News pages and personal accounts on social media shared a video showing verbal and physi...

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Where did Bakr go?

  • 2922
  • 05-19

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Those are not anti-aircrafts in al-Sheyrat airbase

  • 14431
  • 04-07

Pro-Assad regime news pages and personal accounts on social media published video claime...

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Clarification about opening the Tabqa Dam disposal gates

  • 82684
  • 03-29

Several activists and news pages has widely-circulated a video today that shows the flow...

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A Border Police of Assad regime? or a commander in SDF factions?

  • 76701
  • 03-06

Russia Today reported has shared on his YouTube channel, a vedio entitled " Syrian...

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Fateh Al-Sham Commander to Verify-SY: German Journalist’s Interview is a “Failing Drama”

  • 12277
  • 09-28

Fateh Al-Sham Front Commander, former Jabhat Al-Nusra, denied to Verify-SY that German j...

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