Al-Ghad TV Channel Posts Fabricated Video about Shelling On Syria's Ra's al-Ayn City

  • 2433
  • 10-17

Al-Ghad Tv Channel posted a video Wednesday, which shows airstrikes on a residential are...

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These Children Are Victims of Assad and Russia Bombardment, Not Victims of Turkish Army

  • 2469
  • 10-14

A news page posted Friday, October 11, a video in which two members of the White Helmets...

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This Video Is Unrelated to Recent Battles East of Euphrates

  • 2556
  • 10-13

Social media pages close to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) have circulated a video of...

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This Is Old Video from Afrin, It Isn’t Of Releasing Prisoners from SDF’s Prisons East of Euphrates

  • 4300
  • 10-12

Social media accounts and pages have recently circulated a video in which a number of ci...

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Misleading Videos about Turkish Military Operation East of Euphrates

  • 3049
  • 10-11

Social media accounts have circulated two videos, in which civilians killed and injured...

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Truth behind “French Police Breaks Into Mosque in Suburbs of Paris”

  • 3428
  • 10-08

Social media pages have circulated a video of police officers inside a mosque, claiming...

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What’s the truth behind opening a Saudi-Israeli friendship association in Riyadh

  • 6293
  • 10-02

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video showing men dancing inside...

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Old anti-Sisi Protest inside Metro Claimed to be New

  • 1932
  • 09-28

Turkish newspaper Yenisafak posted on Friday, September 27, a video on Twitter that show...

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Truth Behind Video of “Shiite Cleric Incites to Kill Sunnis”

  • 11444
  • 09-24

A video of a man seemed to be a Shiite cleric delivering a Khutba – an Islamic ser...

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