This man is alive, his wife is the one who passed away

  • 6195
  • 06-26

An injured civilian had said goodbye to his daughter before he passed away, a Facebook p...

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This video was taken in Kazakhstan, not in Syria

  • 6034
  • 06-25

Social media accounts circulated a video of soldiers fleeing a massive blast claiming th...

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This video of Assad forces prisoners was taken in Daraa, not Hama countryside

  • 6881
  • 06-25

Social media accounts circulated a video of Assad forces captives claiming that oppositi...

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Atmeh Camp is not located in Afrin, and the factions do not charge rent to IDPs

  • 10577
  • 06-20

Tweeters claimed that Turkish-backed Syrian factions forces the internally displaced, wh...

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A Fake Video Is Being Used to Accuse SDF of Setting Fire to Crops

  • 5902
  • 06-12

Social media accounts posted a video claiming that it shows an Syrian Democratic Forces...

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Turkish websites attributes this video to Syrians

  • 9494
  • 06-11

Turkish media outlets posted a video claiming it shows a Syrian wedding in Gaziantep pro...

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This video is not of clashes between the opposition and Russians, it is a film clip

  • 5433
  • 06-11

A Facebook page, interested in military videos, posted a video claiming it is of “...

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Please avoid spreading these videos if you are interested in Hama countryside battles

  • 5494
  • 06-08

Videos of a downed Assad regime fighter jet were circulated on social media; they show a...

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Media outlets claim regime forces captured 16-opposition fighter, using a misleading video

  • 5659
  • 05-31

The English-language South Front website reported that Assad forces seized control of Ar...

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