Several old videos have been recently posted as if they were taken in Hama countryside

  • 5164
  • 05-22

Several videos have gone viral over the past few days as if they are related to the curr...

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Misleading photos and videos of "sabotaging ships off UAE coast"

  • 6316
  • 05-15

Photos and videos, which were claimed to be of 7 oil tankers burning near Fujairah por...

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This video was taken in the Turkish city of Bursa, not in Afrin

  • 5677
  • 05-13

A video was circulated on social media, which shows Turkish-speaking individuals while...

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Misleading media reports coincided with military escalation in Idlib and Hama countryside

  • 5957
  • 05-10

As bombing intensifies in Idlib and Hama countryside during the last week, in addition...

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What is the truth behind the Arab "football wonderkid" in Germany?

  • 6504
  • 05-04

Social media pages circulated a video of a child who has unique football skills in Ger...

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These oil tanks don’t transfer petrol to Syria

  • 6326
  • 04-15

News websites and social media news pages shared a video showing dozens of oil tanks on...

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British Army air show shared as an air show by Haftar forces in Libya

  • 5286
  • 04-08

SMM account on Twitter shared a video saying it is an air show over the Libyan capital T...

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Are the victims in this assault Arabs?

  • 15540
  • 03-31

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately a video showing a woman tryi...

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The Israeli army used an old video from Syria to support its propaganda against Hamas

  • 11216
  • 03-26

Israel Defence Army IDF shared on it official Twitter account a video showing the launch...

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