Dirar Khattab

The news of the Turkish army occupying the Bab city or Euphrates Shield operation controlling Al-Sha’ala are False

  • 10857
  • 01-05

Sputnik Agency published news entitled “The Turkish troops occupied Al Bab city an...

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The Guardian Published False Information about Barada Valley

  • 31352
  • 01-02

Newspapers and news sites, including British newspaper "The Guardian"  pu...

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No Humanitarian Corridor In Salahiddin

  • 9883
  • 09-18

Assad-regime affiliated media outlets have broadcasted videos of families receiving aid....

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The Guardian Misquotes NSC President

  • 8471
  • 09-14

The Guardian reported Anas Al-Abdah, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and...

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Photo Of Defected Army Officer From Assad Forces Is Posted As Pro Assad Militia Member

  • 10716
  • 09-08

Arabi21 published yesterday an article headed: “Pro Assad Militia Commander Turns...

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Al Mayadeen Fudges Allosh’s Interview

  • 17213
  • 08-29

Al Mayadeen news website reported today “Jaysh Al Islam spokesman: Peace with Isra...

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Syrian State TV Correspondent Turns Civilians’ Trucks into Opposition’s Vehicles

  • 22112
  • 08-29

Syrian State TV broadcasted before yesterday a video of the Syrian regime forces targeti...

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The Independent Claims a Syrian Regime’s Crime to the Turkish Air-force

  • 19324
  • 08-28

The Independent has posted a video on its website shows the first moments of a populated...

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This Video is not for the Gaziantep Blast

  • 10444
  • 08-21

Al Alam News website and other news agencies released a video claimed it shows the blast...

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