Dirar Khattab

Washington DC Did Not Send Aircraft to Support PYD Militia Against Assad

  • 9696
  • 08-19

News agencies including the BBC reported the US sent its jet fighters to protect PYD mil...

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ISIS Did Not Control Over Al Raie

  • 12422
  • 08-19

ISIS Affiliated News Agency, Amaq reported ISIS took back control over Al Raie town this...

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Opposition Did Not Take Control Over Cement Factory

  • 9675
  • 08-14

Opposition Did Not Take Control Over Cement Factory A false news spread out on social...

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Al Manar Falsely Reports Ramouseh is Closed Again

  • 15955
  • 08-10

Al Manar TV website which is the official Hizbullah media platform reported yesterday th...

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This Photograph not from Air-force Technical School

  • 8544
  • 08-08

Activists and social media platforms published yesterday a photograph for two militants...

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Syrian State TV Misleads its Followers by Filming from Distance

  • 189515
  • 08-06

Syrian State TV broadcasted this afternoon, through its correspondent Shadi Helweh, on t...

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This Conference in 2015

  • 12142
  • 08-03

Activists on social media have shared recently a video from a press conference shows Abd...

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Activists Accuse Syrian Regime of Using Cluster Missiles

  • 19488
  • 07-09

  Syrian state news TV, Al-Ikhbaria, and other Syrian regime-linked TV channels...

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This child is Jordanian, not Syrian Injured in Russian Bombardment

  • 9250
  • 06-23

Activist and news websites have published recently, a photograph of a child seemed to ha...

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