Dirar Khattab

Contradicted statements between Turkey and USA after the meeting of the two foreign ministries

  • 7445
  • 04-04

US State Department published a statement saying: Secretary Mike Pompeo met the Turkish...

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Do you know Rania al-Rifai who’s said she was assassinated in Idlib?

  • 7233
  • 04-03

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately news saying a media activist...

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Misleading information on a crime committed during the elections in Turkey

  • 13336
  • 04-01

French news website Monte Carlo published report yesterday saying “ruling AKP part...

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Is the Syrian refugee who was deported from Germany connected to Assad regime?

  • 14822
  • 03-30

German news websites shared news yesterday saying German authorities deported a Syrian r...

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Misleading and fake videos recently shared said to be on New Zealand terror attack

  • 6868
  • 03-24

9 days after the terror attack on 2 mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand which killed...

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False rumors on New Zealand terror attack, were there Syrians among the victims?

  • 10152
  • 03-15

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared today several videos and photos all...

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Is this video of “Ahrar Jasem” attack new?

  • 8022
  • 03-15

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared a video titled “Ahrar Jasem b...

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Did Boutaflika talked with his people through Skype?

  • 8492
  • 03-12

Social media pages and personal accounts shared a photo of a man holding a laptop in fro...

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Did Russia leaked an insulting photo of Bashar al-Assad?

  • 10257
  • 03-09

News websites and social media pages shared a photo of Bashar al-Assad waiting for the R...

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