Ahmad Sarhil

Damascus Now shared photos of a protest in Hasakah as from Daraa

  • 6249
  • 04-03

Pro-regime “Damascus Now” Facebook page shared photos said to be exclusive p...

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Are the victims in this assault Arabs?

  • 16039
  • 03-31

Social media news pages and personal accounts shared lately a video showing a woman tryi...

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Is this the will of Palestinian martyr Omar Abu Leila?

  • 11049
  • 03-20

Social media accounts and news websites shared a photo of a paper said to be the will of...

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Sputnik claims ISIS presence in al-Ghab Plain

  • 6242
  • 03-10

Russian news agency Sputnik published 2 days ago news saying “Syrian army destroye...

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Abdulbaset al-Sarout wasn’t killed in Hama clashes

  • 15904
  • 09-19

Pro-regime social media pages shared news sayong Abdulbaset al-Sarout was killed in the...

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This photo on Internet since 2012

  • 13238
  • 09-08

Social media pages and accounts shared phone of a man wearing Haj clothes holding nargil...

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This girl is an athlete not a soldier injured in Syria

  • 6109
  • 08-31

Pro-opposition social media accounts and pages shared news saying a Russian female soldi...

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This university trade-offs is not recognized by Syrian interim government

  • 6523
  • 08-28

Syrian news websites shared news saying Syrian Interim Government “High Education...

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Turkish government didn’t launch a project to send back Syrian refugees

  • 9857
  • 08-09

Pro-regime social media pages and accounts shared a news saying Turkish government launc...

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