Ahmad Sarhil

Turkish government didn’t launch a project to send back Syrian refugees

  • 10055
  • 08-09

Pro-regime social media pages and accounts shared a news saying Turkish government launc...

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“Find a wife for your husband” campaign wasn’t launched from Kafrnabul

  • 7154
  • 08-04

Syrian pages and news networks on social media websites published news saying a female g...

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No Turkish casualties in Ayn Daqna battle

  • 7920
  • 07-18

Pro-PYD social media accounts and pages said at least 5 Turkish soldiers were killed in...

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Those tanks were destroyed by ISIS not YPG

  • 14784
  • 07-16

Pro-PYD social media pages shared a video of several armored vehicles in plain area befo...

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This photo is edited not real

  • 10552
  • 07-07

Social media activist shared today photo of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri with...

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No casualties in Marea explosion

  • 6099
  • 07-04

Pro-PYD social media pages shared news that 14 armed opposition fighters were killed in...

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Pro-YPG sharing photos from Mosul as from Raqqa

  • 7159
  • 06-24

On Friday, Pro-YPG websites and news pages shared photos of a neighborhood looks like it...

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The brawl in this video is not between Qataris and Saudis

  • 8773
  • 06-16

News websites and social media pages shared video of a brawl between men wearing peninsu...

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This photo is not for the French president and his wife

  • 9234
  • 06-03

Verfiy-Sy received a photo of a kid cycling near a woman,photo was shared on social medi...

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