Ahmad Sarhil

Hatay Governor deny issuing any statement on Turkish forces enter Idlib

  • 23654
  • 05-06

News pages and personal accounts on social media websites shared today news saying Hatay...

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Those are not anti-aircrafts in al-Sheyrat airbase

  • 14674
  • 04-07

Pro-Assad regime news pages and personal accounts on social media published video claime...

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Evidences Debunked Russian Allegations About Chemical Weapons Massacre in Khan Shaykhoun

  • 20703
  • 04-05

Primary report by “Conflict Intelligence Team” a non-governmental NGO focusi...

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A statement attributed to the armed opposition

  • 12206
  • 03-31

A false statement was published today by the Fourth Authority site, affiliated to "...

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Clarification about opening the Tabqa Dam disposal gates

  • 83121
  • 03-29

Several activists and news pages has widely-circulated a video today that shows the flow...

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Assad's forces did not Capture "Deir Hafer" until today

  • 10391
  • 03-25

 the lebanese website  "Al-Akhbar" published today  a news repo...

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A Border Police of Assad regime? or a commander in SDF factions?

  • 77001
  • 03-06

Russia Today reported has shared on his YouTube channel, a vedio entitled " Syrian...

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Yilmaz, a fighter from Netherlands was killed months ago

  • 26936
  • 01-31

“Raqqa is being slaughtered silently” campaign has reported today that one o...

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