Adnan al-Hussein

Did Turkey Issued Decree to Repatriate Pro-Assad Syrians?

  • 2196
  • 12-17

Facebook pages and profiles have circulated a photo of a document written in Turkish, cl...

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This Photo Wasn’t Taken in Idlib

  • 1851
  • 12-09

A number of activists and Facebook pages have recently circulated a photo shows a child...

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This Photo Isn’t of Motorcycle Explosion in North of Raqqa

  • 1585
  • 12-07

A photo of a burning motorcycle next to a burning vehicle was circulated on Friday by a...

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Truth behind “Footage Shows Opposition Bombs Assad's Position in Idlib's countryside”

  • 1667
  • 12-02

SomeTelegram channels and Tweeters have recently circulated a video recording shows a tr...

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Did Car Bombing Hit Istanbul Recently?

  • 1702
  • 11-15

Social media profiles and pages reported that a car bombing hit midtown Istanbul, claimi...

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This Video Was Recorded in Libya, Not of al-Baghdadi’s Killing Operation

  • 2171
  • 10-31

A video, which bears a watermark for Iraqi Afaq TV Channel, circulated on Facebook; it h...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Executing Kurdish Civilians by Turkey

  • 3309
  • 10-27

A tweeter, @Cihan_Efrin, posted a video that shows a group of men put naked women inside...

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This Photo Isn’t of Kurdish Man Who Recently Set Himself on Fire

  • 3356
  • 10-24

News outlets and Facebook pages have circulated a photo of a man caught on fire, claimin...

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Did ISIS Attack SDF Base West of Raqqa?

  • 2672
  • 10-22

International news agencies have published Wednesday, October 16, a news report attribut...

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