Adnan al-Hussein

This Video Was Taken in Deir al-Zor, Not in Ra's al-Ayn

  • 369
  • 10-17

Pro-Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Facebook pages have posted a video Wednesday, claimin...

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Al-Ghad TV Channel Posts Fabricated Video about Shelling On Syria's Ra's al-Ayn City

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  • 10-17

Al-Ghad Tv Channel posted a video Wednesday, which shows airstrikes on a residential are...

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The truth behind ISIS former fighters escape from Ein Eissa camp after Turkish shelling

  • 5477
  • 10-14

 Several news websites shared on Sunday news claiming a large number of ISIS fighte...

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This Is Old Video from Afrin, It Isn’t Of Releasing Prisoners from SDF’s Prisons East of Euphrates

  • 3013
  • 10-12

Social media accounts and pages have recently circulated a video in which a number of ci...

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This Video Isn't of Turkish Bombing on Syria's Ra's al-Ein City

  • 2352
  • 10-10

Russia Today has shared Thursday a video that shows a bomb lands near a power station ta...

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Will Earth Experience 6 Days of Total Darkness Due To Solar Storm?

  • 2063
  • 10-04

Social media pages and accounts have recently claimed circulated news about a “hug...

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Viral Photo Claimed to be of Former Commander of Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service 

  • 1457
  • 09-29

Iraqis have shared on social media a photo of what was said to to be of the former comma...

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Old anti-Sisi Protest inside Metro Claimed to be New

  • 1002
  • 09-28

Turkish newspaper Yenisafak posted on Friday, September 27, a video on Twitter that show...

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Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Accused of Murdering Man, He Actually Died in Car Accident

  • 1474
  • 09-21

Jesr Press newspaper reported on Wednesday that members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) mu...

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