Najm eddin alnajm

This Photo Isn’t of Syrian Died Alone in Europe

  • 3622
  • 01-20

A photo of a Muslim cleric praying the funeral prayer alone was circulated on social med...

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A Syrian Writer Nominated for a Prize, But Not the Noble and He Is Not the First Arab Nominee

  • 3468
  • 12-01

Egyptian online newspaper Al-Dustour published last Friday Nov. 29th 2019, an article en...

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This Video Doesn’t Show Popular Protests in Iran

  • 3559
  • 11-19

Footage of what has been claimed to be showing recent popular protests in Iran has circu...

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This Child Was Injured By Assad Bombing on Aleppo, Not By Israeli Bombing on Gaza

  • 3914
  • 11-16

Social media accounts have circulated a photo of an injured child with a paramedic, clai...

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Are Islamic schools are the best in Britain? Verify-Sy reveals the truth

  • 8176
  • 11-05

Several media outlets shared news recently about 3 Islamic schools were chosen in the li...

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Journalist Argues with Turkish Soldier in Syria.. Verify-Sy Clarifies the Truth

  • 6661
  • 11-04

News outlets has posted a video, claiming that it shows a Syrian reporter arguing with a...

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Verify-Sy Reveals Truth behind “U.S. Fighting Robot”

  • 6732
  • 11-01

Footage of what has been claimed to be a fighting robot, made by a U.S. army contractor,...

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This Photo Doesn't Show Withdrawal of French Troops from Northern Syria

  • 4523
  • 10-22

Media outlets and social media websites have recently circulated a photo of what they cl...

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Truth behind Video of Turkish MP “Attacking Erdogan and Turkish Military Action in Syria”

  • 4832
  • 10-19

A video of former Turkish MP Ferhat Encu has circulated on social media. It has been cla...

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