Khalil Aswad

Did Erdogan Say Coup Schemers Searched For Him While He Was in Plane But They Couldn't Find Him?

  • 2834
  • 11-12

Media outlet, in addition to social media profiles, circulated footage of Turkish Presid...

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This Video Doesn't Show Uyghur Armed Men Participating In Military Operation Northeast Syria

  • 3298
  • 11-10

A Facebook page called “Manbij Mubashar” has posted last Sunday, November 3,...

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Did Erdogan Say Drop of Petroleum is More Valuable than Drop of Blood in Syria?

  • 2749
  • 11-04

Turkey Now news website has recently posted footage of Turkish President Recep Tayyeb Er...

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Tweeters Distort Video of Turkish Muslim Cleric, Directing It against Kurdish People

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  • 10-11

Tweeters have circulated a video of a Turkish Muslim cleric with Arabic subtitles, accus...

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